Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Bonsai Kitten - "Done With Hell" [2011]

Artist: Bonsai Kitten
Title: Done With Hell
Genre: Psychobilly
Country: Germany
Release date: 2011

Track List:
  1. Strawberry Dress
  2. Don't Mess With Me
  3. Done With Hell (Guest Vocal by Köfte DeVille (Mad Sin))
  4. Please Mr. Jailer
  5. The Cock Is Dead
  6. We Want More
  7. Don't Miss Me
  8. Virgin Suicide
  9. Chronic Of My Life
  10. No-Go-Area
One more psychobilly project with nice female vocals, this time from Berlin. Check out the tune "Virgin Suicide" - it reminds me even of early No Doubt at times (especially their album "Return of Saturn"). Maybe because of the vocals?..

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